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 Stu Bartwicki 

Hope, Optimism and Change

My name is Stuart Bartwicki. I live with my family in Calgary where I work as a Realtor. I would like to share with you a story. A story of hope, optimism and change.

I have recently made the decision to change my vision, I feel optimistic that you will embrace this change and I hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the future. Here goes…

Real Estate. It can be extremely challenging, over 80% of realtors leave the industry within 2 years… So how do you even start in a career like that? How do you generate clients? Prospect? Buy? Sell? I initially believed the simple answer. You do what others tell you!

Stu just follow the proven path, that’s where the success lies.” 

So, I did. I trained and trained, and learned sales script after sales script – I made 50 cold calls per day – I focussed on learning ‘How to sell’. It’s all about closing– nothing else matters, right? I was told that success is judged on the number of calls made, number of appointments, number of listings won, commissions generated.

It soon became apparent to me that this had to stop! I began to feel suffocated. Yes, this method has proven to work for others, and I have been fortunate enough to taste this so-called ‘success’, but it left me feeling hollow and unauthentic. 

I could no longer continue to do something that was not true to me, to my character, and to what I stand for.

I was forced to contemplate what I actually wanted. What did I want to create? What did I want my business to look like? My client relationships? What do I want to be known for? What’s my purpose?


So, I challenged myself to build something that will always be compatible with me, my morals, my ethics. Something that is true to my nature. Something my family can be proud of. 

I began to question why this industry is so fiercely stigmatized. We all know that realtors haven’t exactly got the best reputation in the eyes of society. This led me to question why I didn’t feel comfortable being part of that mould. Why was I unable to connect in an industry where prospecting, scripts, manipulative closing techniques, and pressure sales are seen as essential tools of the trade? I no longer wanted to be pre-judged.

So, I set out on a path of self-discovery, I had to find out what brings me happiness, contentment and fulfilment, and what is it that makes me feel like I am making a difference?


I quickly realised that at my core I am an educator and a protector. Twelve years working as school teacher has instilled a certain set of values that will always be part of my persona. Protecting, serving and educating others is my purpose. This is where my sense of self-worth is rooted.

I have set my sights on a new vision for the future – a ‘professional service’ where utilising specialist knowledge and skills allows me to truly help and educate clients. With the aim of not only being respected but, more importantly, trusted. Each and every client would receive this ‘professional service’ for each and every transaction. The relationship is now on a much higher level… it’s a partnership. A ‘Client’ to ‘Trusted Advisor’ relationship, rather than ‘Prospect’ to ‘Salesperson’. 

I strive to make a difference. To educate and inspire, and to leave others with fulfilment and gratitude. This all happens over and above what I would consider the ‘of course’. Of course, I will do everything I can to sell for the highest price,

negotiate the most favourable terms, guide you through the process etcetera, etcetera.

But for me this is simply the foundation, the process has to be far more personal, far more connected and far more relationship-orientated. 

I searched intently to find the key ingredient that aligns with my core values and permits me to offer this style of service. Perhaps an expensive coach? A new type of system or software? Surely not more sales scripts!Through self-actualization I found the answer was quite simple –

‘Be yourself’. 


My intention has always been to offer my clients ultra-high service and it’s important to note that I invest massively, not only my time but my emotions.

Perhaps this is the key ingredient – emotional involvement. I have a keen ability to flex, adapt and empathy, it’s an intuitive psychology. 

When I work with you as a client there has to be a collaboration, so I can ascertain your vision and help you understand your goals. Goals you may never have even thought of. Goals that are ultimately going to benefit you and your family. This instils a vested interest – a duty and an obligation – and resultantly I genuinely want to help you achieve the best results in potentially the biggest transaction of your life.

But how does one inspire? Lead? And, ultimately, make a positive change? Simple... give! I have completely focussed my outlook on being a ‘Go Giver’. When we share good things with the world, more good things happen. This is a basic human decision – and I plan to go ‘all in’. 


I will always strive to add value, to inform, to educate and ultimately get you across the finish line – happy. This is how I define ‘Success’. 


I want to thank you for reading my story, I genuinely appreciate it. Please get in touch if there is any way I can be of assistance. I would love to help you achieve you real estate goals in the coming year.